Processing, Pricing, and Ordering

Roller Coaster Farm offers our customers three different options for processing:

1. Avon Locker Plant in Darlington WI will cut, wrap, and freeze the meat according to the customer’s specific cutting order. Contact Avon to discuss prices for processing and to place the cutting order. Avon charges a flat fee for processing lamb. For pork and beef, they have a basic charge per pound of hanging weight for cutting and packaging. Depending on what the customer orders, there are additional charges for added processing such as curing hams and bacon, or making sausage and brats. Call and talk to Roch or Andrew at 608-776-2336 for details.

Lamb and fresh pork is ready for customer to pick up in 1-2 weeks after slaughter. Cured pork takes a little longer. Avon dry ages the beef for 21 days before cutting and wrapping so the meat is ready for pick-up about 4 weeks after slaughter.

2. Underground Food Collective will bring your meat to its facility in Madison WI and will custom fabricate it. Contact Jonny Hunter at Underground at 608-320-0017 or for details and prices for processing.

3. Some of our customers like to do their own processing. Cooled halves can be picked up at Avon or Underground for break down at home. Contact Avon or Jonny Hunter to set it up.


Pricing and Ordering:

All prices are for pounds of hanging weight and include the cost of slaughter and cooling only. The customer pays processing costs to the butcher. All Roller Coaster Farm animals are slaughtered at Avon Locker Plant in Darlington, WI.

Please fill out the form below inquire about availability of each kind of meat and to place your order. A $100 deposit is required at the time the order is placed for each animal. We will send an email telling the customer the scheduled date of slaughter for the animal. An invoice for the balance due will be sent by email to the customer on the day the animal is slaughtered. The balance due on the invoice must be paid before the customer picks up the meat from the processor.

Customers should mail checks for deposits and balance due on invoices to Roller Coaster Farm, PO Box 153, Darlington, WI 53530. We will soon be adding a Google Wallet option!

The final product of cut and wrapped pork, lamb, and beef is about 70- 80% of hanging weight, depending on the individual animal and how the customer orders the processing.
Prices may be adjusted at any time to reflect changes in the market and availability.

Customers who want smaller quantities or specific cuts of pork, lamb and beef can find our meat at Underground Butcher in Madison WI. We can also match customers up for individual for halves of hogs and beef. Any division of an animal smaller than a half must be coordinated between customers.