Roller Coaster Farm Named to “The M List”

Madison Madison recently featured Roller Coaster Farm on "The M List". Read the article below!

All Creatures Great and Small

Roller Coaster Farm’s “beyond organic” ethos provides a successful, sustainable antidote to industrialized farming

“We didn’t choose them. They chose us,” says retired physician Bob Bernardoni about the peacocks that showed up unannounced, and settled right in, on their 390-acre farm on the aptly named Roller Coaster Road in Darlington, Wisconsin, sixty-five miles from Madison. It’s no wonder. Not only is Roller Coaster Farm, which meanders alongside the curvy Pecatonica River in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin, one of the most animal-friendly places on earth, it provides one of the most critically important lessons on how a twenty-first century society can forge a long-term, sustainable relationship with our food.

“What we’re doing here is the kind of place everybody wants their food to come from,” says Silas Bernardoni, who helps run the farm with his parents and three siblings.

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