Tamworth Pork

LRV 15 Two Pigs

Tamworth hogs are one of the oldest domesticated breeds of pigs in the world.

The breed originated in the United Kingdom hundreds of years ago in Tamworth, Staffordshire England. Over the centuries, Tamworths have been bred and selected to be well suited to an active, outdoor life. Their great hardiness enables them to adapt to the wide variations in Wisconsin’s weather and enjoy being outside year round. They have long heads and impressive snouts for efficient foraging. They don’t sunburn like other pigs because of their red color, which ranges from pale ginger to dark mahogany. Tamworths are athletic, intelligent, docile, sociable, and enjoy interacting with humans. Because many of these characteristics are not valued in modern agricultural production, Tamworth hogs are quite rare today.

The Livestock Conservancy currently assigns the status of “Threatened” to the Tamworth hog breed on its Conservation Priority List. As the popularity of Tamworth pork grows, our eaters ensure the survival of this culinary treasure for the future of humanity’s collective food system.

Tamworths are a bacon type of heritage hog and are well known for their long sides, big hams, and firm, muscular bodies.

Their meat and bacon is lean and fine grained. At Roller Coaster Farm, we farrow twice a year, which means our hogs are available for purchase at various times throughout the year. We finish them at 300 to 350 pounds, which yields a hanging weight of 210 to 250 pounds.