Katahdin Lambs

Grass fed, Grass finished, Pasture raised

Roller Coaster Farms - Katahdin lambsKatahdins are a breed of hair sheep developed in north central Maine in the 1950’s.

Instead of wool, they have hair much like a horse or cow and need no shearing. The lack of wool and oils in the fleece mutes the strong tastes commonly associated with lamb and mutton, creating a flavor that is more delectable and allows the eater to enjoy the taste of the meat without being distracted by the seasoning most chefs/cooks normally use in lamb dishes.

This breed has become quite popular with shepherds as a hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep ideally suited to forage-based management systems. Although the Katahdin breed was on the Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List when we started raising them at Roller Coaster Farm, they have lost their status as an Endangered breed due to the huge growth in the number of breeding stock in the country. What a success story for Katahdins and for Heritage breeds!

Roller Coaster Farm’s Kathadin sheep are medium sized and we harvest the lambs seasonally at 75 to 90 pounds live weight, which results in a carcass or hanging weight of 35 to 55 pounds. This is a very manageable amount of meat for our eaters just starting out on the adventure of whole animal purchasing.