Highland Beef

Grass fed, Grass finished, Pasture raised

LRV 14 Cow

Highland Cattle are sometimes called Scottish Highland Cattle.

They have lived for centuries in the remote rugged Scottish Highlands and nearby islands, which required them to be extremely hardy, be able to survive on forage alone, and live in cold, wet weather. Highland cattle are moderate framed and slow growing but are docile and intelligent which means they are very cooperative and work well in multi-species rotational grazing systems. Their meat is naturally lean because they are insulated from the cold by their shaggy hair coat rather than by a thick layer of fat. Their long horns, with the characteristic Highland curves, combined with their natural hostility toward dogs and other canines make them particularly effective at predator control for their calves and the entire flock of sheep.

Highland is widely recognized as exceptional beef that is very flavorful, lean, juicy and tender, with only slight marbling. Roller Coaster Farm’s Highlands are forage fed and finished. Their healthy outdoor lifestyle produces tasty and healthy beef without antibiotics, growth hormones, or grain.

Roller Coaster Farm’s mother cows are purebred, registered Highlands and we breed them to our registered Highland bulls to produce replacement heifers and purebred Highland steers. To add to the genetic variety of our herd, we have an old-style Scottish Angus bull to produce crossbred market beeves to maintain the excellent native qualities of the Highland breed while adding some ability for easy fleshing and rate of growth.

The Livestock Conservancy assigns the Highland breed the status of Recovering. The number of breeding animals is increasing sufficiently in the US to maintain the gene pool, however, directives by the EU are threatening the quality of Highland genetics in Europe. The US and Canadian closed herdbooks may soon be the last reservoir of purebred Highland genetics in the world. Roller Coaster Farm is proud to do our part in maintaining this historic breed through our active membership in AHCA (American Highland Cattle Association).

Check out the photo of our girls, Yerba and Yoko, at the Livestock Conservancy website